Best Buyers Guide to golfing GPS systems

Every day, increasingly more golfers make a decision among the various golfing GPS techniques in the marketplace. The purpose of this article would be to provide you with a guide to finding the right device that will match your own needs, sport and goals. Besides best golf GPS watch is very much crucial for the active golfers. Some important guidelines are as follows;originals2garmin

Setup Requirements:
Prior to purchasing one of the numerous GPS navigation systems at the shop, you need to think about how easy it really is to set up these devices actually. While some models are usable immediately out from the box after they are ordered fully, other models shall require synchronization with your computer.

Golf Course Maps:
Opt for the amount of golf programs which have recently been expertly mapped and contained in the GPS system’s arrears. Most producers will include a huge selection of golf courses pre-programmed to their GPS units already. However, prior to making your purchase it is suggested that you talk with the particular dealer simply in order to make sure that your favorite & most played golf courses already are included on the unit.Garmin-Approach-S5-review-gps

Fees and Subscribers:
It is critical to mention that will some golfing GPS NAVIGATION systems have a onetime fee, while some other GPS navigation companies may need one to pay an annual or even monthly membership for their course mapping service. Meanwhile, some companies shall allow you to download new courses cost-free from directly from their website. Of course, if they do the working job, we recommend the latter then.

Screen Size and Screen:
The screen display and size information may differ between models. Some golfing GPS techniques possess color screens which will demonstrate detailed pictures of the hazards as well as the greens and obvious yardage to every location. Nevertheless, other models could have a grey screen and just display fundamental yardage to each hole.

Golf Score Monitoring:
Some models will keep the score for you also, which may be useful as this saves time marking the scores manually particularly.

Dimension and Form Factor:
The style and size of the GPS device should match up your requirements and playing style. Although all models nowadays are usually pocket-sized, if you’re searching for a more discreet system then you can certainly actually put on golf GPS navigation watch around your own wrist?approach-gps-golf-watch-s1-holeview
Other Factors:
Prior to purchasing, it’s also advisable to consider factors such as for example water-resistant capability and the battery-life of the machine. Lastly, golf GPS techniques with longer and much more encompassing warranty and also good client assistance are usually a lot more desirable.
With so many GPS products available currently, purchasing this equipment could be a confusing procedure.

Brand new models are launched regularly and occasionally it could be hard to realize the main element differences together in addition to which degree of golfer they are suitable. But if you strategy your preferences by critiquing the buying factors above beforehand, after that whichever of the golfing GPS navigation systems that will you get will match up your requires and you will be ready to strike the particular golf course and begin enhancing your score.

Industry: Slow-Play Study: Watch Tee-Time Intervals

Slow-play study: Watch tee-time intervals

Your timing is off if you’re talking pace of play during the (labored) U.S. Open, but we’ll risk it because the most comprehensive pace-of-play study ever just landed on our desks. The Three/45 GolfAssociation, founded by USGA committeeman and author of “Golf’s Pace of Play Bible” Lou Riccio, used Golf GPS reviews data from more than 40,000 rounds over 175 courses to deliver fairly encouraging results.

Golf GPS

On average, the study found, we play in less than four-and-a-half hours (4:17). Almost 29 percent of all rounds recorded, including private, took less than four hours. Sixty-three percent of rounds took less than 4:30. Only 10 percent of rounds, most of them public, exceeded five hours.

Riccio’s study determined, not surprisingly, that you play faster in the morning (4:02) than in the afternoon (4:21), faster Monday to Thursday (4:13) than you will Friday to Sunday (4:23), and fastest of all on Wednesdays. (Doctors know what they’re doing!)

More important, you play faster at courses that maintain intelligently phased tee times than ones that pack in every player they can. “This study shows that the emphasis on player behaviors may be quite misplaced,” says Riccio. “Tee intervals must be fixed first. If the highway is crowded, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Corvette.” These findings carry additional weight because they’re based on actual rounds-data provided in this case by GPS Industries, which supplies GPS service to courses.

We wish the study had considered green speeds. Riccio believes that every foot over a Stimpmeter measurement of 10 adds 10 minutes to your time, but most golfers know it can be much deadlier at 12 or 13, especially in stroke-play events. It would be beneficial to know what our green speed “obsession,” as colleague Geoff Shackelford calls it, costs us in time and tedium. Especially after we’ve watched our heroes putt Pinehurst greens measuring 12.5.

Multiline or boutique? Scooter dealerships take one of two forms

In the world of scooter dealerships, which retail model best suits a particular brand? The options are pretty straightforward.

A blossoming phenomenon of the U.S. scooter scene is the Vespa boutique–an important part of Vespa’s strategy as part of its U.S. market relaunch in November 2000. A Vespa boutique is mainly a dealership oriented to the heritage and history of the Vespa name and lifestyle. It therefore sells exclusively Vespa and Piaggio scooters and accessories. There already are 67 boutiques in 34 states.

The other option is the multiline store. These dealerships offer side-by-side comparisons of products from different manufacturers, and they help consumers decide which one is best suited for their particular application (or which one is best electric scooter for intance).

Vespa Boutique

If you want to open a Vespa boutique, you’ll need to prove your commitment. Any potential dealer must submit a sound business strategy, provide a large initial investment in the product line and have a staff dedicated to the franchise. In return, Vespa will provide the dealer with a large territory and a complete line of trendy accessories, clothing, helmets, luggage and watches to sell.

Other perks of being a boutique dealer include factory training for mechanics and an opportunity to sell Piaggio scooters alongside the traditional Vespas. The Piaggio line includes the lightweight LT 50 and 150, the powerful Beverly 200, and the sporty Gilera line.

Vespa Lt150

The initial order of best electric scooter for adults required for a new boutique is 40 units, which costs roughly $100,000. Another $25,000, on average, is spent on upgrading the interior of the boutique and adding fixtures, lighting, etc. Piaggio must approve all design decisions beforehand to make sure they are consistent with the style and taste of the boutique concept. About another $25,000 will cover the cost of spare parts, tools and accessories. So the maximum investment that Piaggio is looking for is $150,000. There is no extra franchise fee.

Piaggio requires boutiques to be freestanding entities located in areas with good profit potential. Sometimes boutiques can be part of a larger auto dealership, but the boutique must maintain a distinct identity of its own. If a boutique will share any type of floor space or address with another product, Piaggio will review it on a case-by-case basis before giving any approval.

Current boutique demographics are urban customers ages 30 to 45. Their average yearly income is $70,000, and about 30 percent of them are female. If these demographics coincide with your client base and there aren’t any Vespa boutiques in your area, then owning a boutique may be right for you.

Multiline Dealership

Advantages of multiline dealerships are obvious: By providing the customer a choice and stocking scooters from around the world, you can reach a broader customer base. Scootershop in Orange, California, carries Bajaj, Derbi, Italjet, Kymco and TN’G and has been in business since 1995.

Scootershop is also an Authorized Vespa Vintage Restoration shop. Because of its location in California, the majority of the scooters sold are 150cc and up, with Kymco leading the pack. Scootershop performs three to four vintage restorations a year, but tries not to focus on the pre-owned and vintage markets.

Scootershop owner Mic Koslov claims Kymco products sell just as well as Honda, and if it were not for carrying new scooters, he would not be in business.

“Original scooter shops that picked up new bikes prospered, while those who did not have failed,” he says.

Despite strong Kymco sales, the Bajaj and Derbi lines have done moderately well, says Koslov, who’s also excited about his new entry-level line, TN’G.

TNG Scooter

Manufacturers prefer that at least one of each of its models is displayed on the showroom floor. Depending on the extent of the product line, this requirement will cost a dealer between $5,000 and $11,000. Manufacturers offering only one model, like LML, require a minimum initial purchase of four scooters.

Acknowledging the limitations of smaller multiline dealerships, some of the larger scooter makers recently began offering two-product packages. Aprilia now offers, for example, agreements for 50cc-to-150cc and 50cc-to-500cc scooters, with different minimum orders for both. While Aprilia previously believed that requiring an entire product line on the showroom floor was the best way to market its product, the company retreated, realizing that pushing 500cc scooters in a 50cc demographic may not be such a smart idea.

In addition to scooter inventory, all manufacturers require multiline dealers to purchase spare parts, tools and marketing materials. This will add another $1,500 to $3,500 to the startup cost, depending on the manufacturer. Total costs to add a complete scooter line to a dealership will run between $6,500 and $14,500, with no additional franchise fees. But we’re considering to revise this policy to support our new and best electric scooter model, which will publish in near future.

Clock stopped on talk of moving basketball team – Part 2

“We’re trying to build excitement at the games,” the spokesman said, adding that the dealerships were financing the promotions to “be part of the community and try to have people to get out there and support the team.”

The dollar value of the Pontiac dealers’ sponsorship has not been revealed, but Knick Arena manager Patrick Lynch said the advertising package was equivalent to “several hundred season tickets.” Depending on their location, full season tickets sell from $275 to $375. During the ticket sale campaign that began in September, Capital Region businesses were asked to purchase four season tickets for $1,000.

Economy problem

It’s simply a matter of the economy

O’Hara doesn’t think changing the team’s name has hurt ticket sales or the concurrent solicitation of sponsors, which he described as mixed successes. Although new ticket buyers and sponsors were added, he said, some businesses that had purchased tickets in the past declined to do so this year and some old sponsors didn’t renew their contracts.

“It’s simply a matter of the economy,” O’Hara added, noting that none of the sponsors who pulled out were in the automobile business.

The name change had no effect on Lynn and Larry McNamara’s decision to sponsor the team. They own Ruch Distributors Inc. of Albany, which has sponsored the team ever since it began playing in the old Armory at Lark Street and Washington Avenue in 1982.

Larry McNamara said the distributorship has never gained any financial return from the advertisements he places in the team’s programs or other promotions in which Ruch Distributors has participated. “I just want to support a local activity,” he said.

O’Hara hopes there are others like the McNamaras and the Pontiac dealers, and he’s optimistic that the second ticket sale campaign, which includes 1,200 follow-up letters to businesses and individuals, will be successful.

The latest campaign is promoting mini-season packages, which include a $25 deal for any five weekday home games; a $40 package for all eight Wednesday games; a $54 plan for all nine Friday and Saturday games; and a $72 package for any 12 home games the ticket holder decides to attend. Seating in those packages is limited to four 100-level sections of the Knick Arena.

Additionally, 20-game packages are being offered at $100, $150 and $200, depending on the locations of the seats, which normally go for single-game prices of $5, $8 and $11, respectively.

“We’re trying to alter the product and make as many options as possible,” O’Hara said. He added that he wasn’t concerned about the final combination of full-season and mini-season sales, just as long as the numbers added up for a break-even season for the team.

“We’ll know what’s happening by the beginning of the season,” he said. “I’m not anticipating a public announcement |about the team’s future~ at that time, but we’ll know if there’s not enough public support.”

O’Hara said that while the 1,100 season tickets sold so far topped the sales for corresponding times in previous years, the number was “certainly not enough for the long haul.”

Part 1

Clock stopped on talk of moving basketball team – Part 1

The response to the Capital Region Pontiacs’ campaign to sell season tickets to area businesses has been less than overwhelming.

As of last week, about 200 tickets for the team’s 28-game home season had been sold through the campaign, which began in late September, bringing to 1,100 the total number of season ticket holders for the 1992-93 season.

That’s well shy of the 2,500 that Pontiacs’ owner Joe O’Hara has said were needed for the team to break even and prevent him from selling the franchise or moving it to another city.Pontiacs Basketball

Losing the Pontiacs

Elected officials and some business leaders have said that losing the Pontiacs–the Albany Patroons until last month–would be a blow to downtown businesses that benefit from fan traffic. But that argument doesn’t appear to be convincing many companies to invest.

Yet even with only days left before the team’s Nov. 21 opening game against the Grand Rapids Hoops, O’Hara and others trying to keep the team here have not thrown in the towel.

“We just went back out with a second solicitation,” O’Hara said last week, adding that in past years anywhere from 25 percent to 40 percent of the season ticket sales occurred during the two weeks prior to the first game. “We could sell 250 to 400 between now and the beginning of the |season~.”

O’Hara also hedged about the 2,500 break-even figure, saying that total sales near 1,500 combined with strong single-game ticket sales and sponsorship of the 17 Pontiac dealers in the region might be enough to keep the Continental Basketball Association team in the area.

When the season-ticket campaign began in late September, the team was still known as the Patroons, but it became the Capital Region Pontiacs Oct. 2 when the Performance Pontiac Dealers, the marketing group for 17 area Pontiac dealerships, came up with a major sponsorship package for the struggling franchise.

“We don’t know the impact of picking up the Pontiac sponsorship,” O’Hara said, noting that the relationship between the team and the dealers is in its early stages and there still are “a lot of things to work on.”

He said one promotion being discussed includes a free single-game ticket to anyone who test drives a new Pontiac.

“Proud sponsors of the Capital Region Pontiacs.”

A Performance Pontiac Dealers commercial appearing on four local television stations for the first time last week uses a basketball theme, including actors depicting a player and a coach, to pitch the automobiles. The commercial ends with a visual tag line proclaiming the area’s Pontiac dealers as “proud sponsors of the Capital Region Pontiacs.”

A spokesman for the dealers’ group said newspaper automobile advertisements will include tie-ins with the team, but the dealers will not be placing or paying for ads for the games or direct ticket sales. “That’s the Knick’s function,” he said. “That’s the team’s function.”

All 17 Pontiac dealerships will feature team promotions at their showrooms, and plans have been discussed, but not finalized, for the dealers to provide half-price certificates for single-game tickets. The dealers also are discussing the possibility of providing a new Pontiac as a prize in a half-time basketball shooting contest.

Part 2

The Evolutionary Trends of Football

There is no need of citation for the game of football when you are talking about football in Europe. The game is not played in the playground between two teams but played in the hearts of people. The crowd goes crazy in the football match. The football sport excites the men to leave their work, students to bunk their lectures and women to come out of homes just to be at the stadium to support their team. Such type of craziness may become bloody when the two team fans get a clash with each other.

Ancient Chinese Football

How the football was originated?

It is revealed in the documents that the football was originated in China. It was played by kicking a ball of leather through a small hole in a silk cloth which was fixed in bamboo canes. This sport then spread out in the other countries of the world later on. The craziness for this game reached its peak in England. Many efforts were made to ban the game due to its popularity but failed.

How much popular is the football?

With the passage of time, the football sport gained the popularity at commercial level with the formation of Football Club e.g. Manchester United, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Liver Pool, Chelsea and many more. These clubs many renowned players who made a name and fame in the world as legend football players. If you are the fan of a football game, then you will love to see your child play soccer as played by David Beckham, Pele or legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football is a game enjoyed and played by girls and kids

This game is not concerned with the boys alone. Girls and kids also play and enjoy the game equally. Now, the football is the game of masses. The fundamental thing is the arrangement of a suitable football coach for your children. You need to encourage your child to take part in the football tournament of kids. You can sow the seed of football playing in this way. If your child wants to become a football player, then help him to fulfill his desire. He needs your help to be the champ. You need not worry about his future it will be bright and shiny if he will become a champion. You just need to choose a football coach with high precision.

The scope of coaching the footballFootball coaching

Football coaching has gone through dramatic changes over the past few years in the United Kingdom. An enormous amount is invested in the children who are going to play a football game. Football coaching programs are organized at a several level to teach the children about defending the ball, how to pass and strike the ball and score a goal. It is not only the kid football coaching be modernized but also the adult football coaching. The football coaches prepare their teams, analyze their performance by comparing graphs and charts and formulate the plans of games on the boards.

Something about the beginning of football from history in America

There are many ways of scoring in football sport to get points. You may catch a pass over the goal line or may carry the ball over the goal line. The football may be tackled by the player in his own zone or by kicking the ball in the course of goal posts on the opposite side. The winner team of the game is the one having the highest scores when the game is over. Many countries also played American football from the outside of US. Many countries i.e. Sweden, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom and some Pacific Islands have their own football leagues at National level.

American Football

When the football was played in America?

The history of American football is founded in the early days of soccer and rugby. These two types of games, i.e. Soccer and Rugby are originated in a different kind of football played in The UK from the middle of 19th century either football was running over the line or kicked towards the goal. The Soccer and American football is played by 22 players in the playground. Some of the terms originated from soccer player position are used by the American football now a day such as a halfback and a fullback.

What is the difference between American and Rugby football??

Rugby football

There are little differences in the American and Rugby football. Some rules are changed by Walter Camp, who is known as “Father of American Football” by the people. The significant changes made by Walter Camp were down and distance, rule of down and distance as well as a line of scrimmage. Glen Pop Warner, Knute Rockne and Amos Alonzo Stagg are college coaches who made changes by introducing forward pass in the gameplay in late 19th and 20th centuries. The college football became popular and dominant as the first version of football in the 20th century. It had a massive national audience with football bowl games. It had large rivalries in the US as it does today.

When the football was played as a profession in America?

The playing of football as the business has been originated from the year 1892 with a contract of playing football William Pudge Heffelfinger, who played football for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club for $500. The American football had started professionally in 1920. The first professional football sport was played in Dayton, Ohio on October 3, 1920. This game was played by the Triangles who wined the game by a score of 14-10 against the Columbus Panhandles. Later on, the football league has changed its name to National Football League (NFL). It is the major American football league. With the passage of time, the professional football became the national phenomenon when US industrial towns and Midwestern cities started to play this sport. The football sport grew in popularity after its NFL Championship Game in 1958. It was the game that was known as the Greatest Game Ever Played.

The American Football League (AFL) has been started in 1960. It was a rival football league to National Football League which put pressure between the two leagues to start the Super Bowl game. The event of Super Bowl emerged as the most watched event of television every year in the United States.

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